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First things first:

a tools & skills workshop for bloggers

> 16-22 November in Berlin, Germany

We are looking for bloggers from all over Europe, to be part of a workshop that will train them and connect them to other bloggers, especially from Eastern Europe. But we are also looking for bloggers from western European Countries and maybe it is you, we are looking for – or you know someone who might be the one. So:

About the project

The Federal Agency for Civic Education/Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung, in cooperation with Sourcefabric and n-ost, welcomes 20 bloggers to take part in a 5-days workshop in Berlin, Germany on 16-22 November 2015.

Shift. Shape. Mobilize. is aiming to get a better understanding about the socio-political relevance of blogs in countries in transition. The project has the goal of raising awareness, empowering and supporting the role of bloggers in Eastern Europe, as an alternative source of information in society.

During the workshop, you will gain skills & awareness in online security / verification of sources / social media / open data, etc. Furthermore, you will get to know different open source blogging and publishing tools to support their work, such as Sourcefabric’s Live Blog and Booktype. During your stay in Berlin, you will have the opportunity to get to know local communities of journalists, bloggers, activists and hackers.

You will attend a series of practical workshops with the purpose of improving concrete skills; you will partake in debates and panel discussions on hot-topics and receive training on new tools. Additionally, you will be able to live blog and report from the n-ost media conference “Translating Worlds”.

What about the costs?

All costs will be covered by the organisers of the event, including travel to/from Berlin, visa, accommodation, meals and all materials to be used during the workshop.

If all that sounds interesting to you – please note that application is only open until 27. September, 23:59h CET.

And please spread the word!


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